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What happens if I lose internet connection in the middle of a game?

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Don’t panic if a game loses connectivity while you’re playing. Your funds remain safe on the rare occasion this happens since all games are recorded on our systems even before the completion of a game round, and your session is saved at the point an error occurred.

You may not be able to view a particular spin’s animation if you happened to be in the middle of a bonus round, but rest assured your funds will not be lost. With a little bit of luck, you’ll discover a welcome increase to your balance when you restart the game!

Occasionally, errors occur on the side of the game provider which are out of our control, but in the instance your operating device freezes mid-game, it’s worth rebooting it.

Should the issue persist, get in touch with Customer Support via Live Chat or email ([email protected]), providing as much information as possible. Recording the following information will assist us as we look into the matter:

  • Game name (if applicable)
  • Time of incident (as close as possible)
  • Wager amount (if known and applicable)
  • Description of incident
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